We have used these walking/running harnesses ourselves for
years.   Now due to popular demand I have decided to offer
them to the public.

They are made with the same design that my weight pull
harnesses are.  Your dog will wear the same size
walking/running harness as it does weight pull harness.  They
are made from  the 1 1/2" polypro webbing and are completely
machine washable.

Webbing colors available: Black, Royal Blue, Red, Kelly
Green, Silver, Baby Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Hot Pink,
Pastel Pink, White, Dark Green, Maroon, Brown, Tan
& Navy Blue.

The Fur Colors available are:
Red, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, Dark Brown, Tan, Neon
Green, Navy Blue, White, Black, Royal Blue, Purple,
Baby Blue, Silver, Kelly Green, Yellow, Zebra, Cheetah,
Black & Silver Cheetah and Natural Sheep Skin color

These harnesses can be foam wrapped just like the weight pull
harnesses for an additional charge of $10.  Handle & Extra D-Rings
can also be added to the walking harnesses at additional cost.

Price is $40
Red/Black Walking Harness
Red/Black Walking Harness
Red/Black Walking Harness