My Products are Designed to Meet & Exceed the needs of  Serious Weight Pullers!
This is a visual reference for people to see what to look for in an harness that
DOES NOT  fit properly......Buy Informed!!
There should never be any kinks in the straps of the harness when the dog is pulling.  If
there are the harness is not properly made or balanced.
There is a proper position for the straps that come down on the side of the
these pics the proper position where the straps
should be is marked by the red
lines & arrows.
These harnesses length are way too short......
In these pics the neck of the harness is too big causing it to sit well
below the breastbone....
In these picures the straps on the harness are too short causing the
harness to ride too high on the dogs body.
The dogs shoulders should
NOT EVER come thru
the neck opening .
The straps should NOT be off
the dogs body.
The neck should NOT go past the
dogs shoulders.  The proper position
is just in front of the shoulder blade,
no matter what others may say!!
The body of the harness in these pics is way to big for the size of the dog...
The first strap in these pictures it
way too close to the dogs front
Neck & body way too large for
size of dog.
If the neck of the harness is slipping over the
shoulders -  the harness is out of balance.   
Which means it is choking/putting pressure on
the dogs throat!