Welcome to BrownDog Design Harnesses, my name is Missy Villines.  My husband and I have been
actively showing & pulling dogs since the late 80’s.  We have been pulling competitively for over 25
yrs now and making my own harnesses since 1991, I am very picky about my dogs' proper harness
fit.  Can other makers say the same?

    A Harness is a Harness Right?
WRONG!!  Seems like there are new harness makers out there everyday.  You might think that once
you have seen a harness, you have seen them all.  This is not the case, you must be an educated
buyer.  This is also why
BrownDog Design Harnesses have the most copied design of any pulling
harness around.  When performance counts...
BrownDog Design Harnesses are chosen by more
APA, ADBA, UPF, UKC, IWPA and other National Champions than any other maker
.  The reason
= Competitive experience and proven performance
DO make a difference.  

BrownDog Design Harnesses are the most copied design of harness
There are alot of harness makers out there but most of them don't pull competitively if at all.  A lot of
the harnesses that I see from other makers pull the dog up higher and higher in the front end the
heavier the weight gets.  Or the
back straps are flapping in the wind or in the totally wrong position.
The folks that I make competition harnesses for tend to be the pickiest of the picky when it comes to
harness fit. My harnesses are also designed to keep the dog's head position low when pulling and
evenly distribute the weight across their body to prevent injury and undue stress.

All of my harnesses
are custom made to have a proper fit for your dog. When you order a harness
and I call the size that I think your dog needs, I will guarantee the harness fits properly. If the harness
does not fit properly, I will remake the harness. I have about a 97-98% success rate, using strictly the
weight of the dog (this was with the APBT). In the last few years, I have started making harnesses
for other breeds. Everything from a 6lb Chihuahua &10lb Italian Greyhound, Boston Terriers, Shorty
Bulls, Dutch Sheppards, Rottweilers & Presa's to 140lb African Boerboels & Alsakan Malmutes & a
200+ lb Mastiff. I have a long list of very satisfied customers over the years if you would like

I haven't had much of a problem so far in fitting any of the common or uncommon pulling breeds.
Some dogs are unusually long bodied, tall, or short bodied and wide, and may require a special fitting.
For example, the neck of the harness might be one size and the body of the harness might be a
different size. Some may need extra length in the back of the harness. The guarantee of the proper fit
still stands.

My harness sizes will differ from other harness makers.  If the customer orders a certain size of
harness, they will receive that size of harness. But I will not guarantee proper harness fit.  So if you
are unfamiliar with my harnesses, please allow me call the size I believe your dog will need.  If I'm
wrong, I'll remake the harness…If you're wrong, you will be stuck with that harness!
"Often Imitated But Never Duplicated"