In dog breeding, it is often believed that all process of good selection lies
in choosing the best blood lines and that all good characteristics are fully
inheritable, and even though it's pretty much true, studies have shown that
only 35% of dog characteristics are a result of inheritable factors. What
does that mean? It means that other 65% goes to other influences, like
training, feeding, etc.

Studying that phenommenon, many scientists with many different opinions
tried to find out new ways of dog stimulation to improve their inherited
characteristics ( mostly psychological ), and tried many new methods.
Some were significant and important for further research, some were not,
but never the less, one thing that every one of them approves is the fact
that first days and weeks of a new born pup are of most importance for
further development of the dog.

Studies have shown that if pups were removed from a litter every day for 3
minutes for 5-10 days, their body heat will be lower than normal. This sort
of small stress is enough to provoke hormonal inconsistency. Further
researches have shown that "very small amounts of stress" at an early age
can give us grown dogs that can reach the maximum of their abilities.

When they were tested as grown up, those dogs had much better
reactions then the dogs that were not stimulated as pups, which were
enourmosly scared when they were exposed to highly stressed situations.
In need for improving dog charasteristics, the American Army launched the
"Super Dog Program". After years of research it was determined that early
neurological stimulative exercise can give important long term efects. For
the optimum result to be achieved it is also very important to know when to
apply those exercises and that period is between the 3rd and 17th day of
life of the pup. For that purpose, five exercises were created. It is
important to do all five exercises every day, but only once a day, because
you will not get better results if you repeat that more then once in one day.
The best way is to do all five of those exercises with one pup and then to
do it with another.

1. Stimulation between fingers. Holding pup in one hand, try to gently tickle
it between the fingers on any paw. The best way is to use q-tips and it is
not important for you to notice that puppy feals that tickelling. This
exercise lasts 3-5 seconds.

2. Using both hands, hold pup upright (head up) for 3-5 seconds.

3. Holding pup gently with both hands, turn it up side down (head facing
ground) and hold it like that 3-5 seconds.

4. Lay the pup on your palms in the way that his head is facing you. It is
OK for pup to wiggle (it is only important to lay on his back). Hold him in
that position for 3-5 seconds.

5. Take dry towel wich was refrigerated for at least five minuts. Put the
puppy on that towel (belly down). Do not try to stop pup if it want to crawl.
This exercise lasts 3-5 seconds too.

If you do that exercises right, you can expect next results:

-better blood flow
-stronger heart beats
-stronger adrenalin glands
-low stress sensitivety
-better immunity

In later tests, it was noticed that dogs on which that practice was applied
are much more active and willing to explore, fast to learn and very
dominant toward other-unstimulated pups from same litter.
The  Super Puppy Exercises